She's been called "the Quiet Protestor", " the Caring Nonconformist" and "a Revelation". It's no wonder then that Maverick Magazine distinguished her as "Lady of Conviction" for her "songs of truth and triumph". Born in a small, northern Canadian town in the early 60's, Cree, Singer-songwriter Phyllis Sinclair grew up during a time of blatant racism. As a child of play and wonder she couldn't understand why her culture made her less than anyone else. So with childhood poetry she set out to chip away at misconceptions, painting written pictures of the tundra landscape and the hardy people who lived upon it. Today, the emotive stories of elders, the moan of the arctic wind, and the low hum of her grandmother's chants can be heard in her captivating work.

Sinclair's notoriety came 2004 when her song "North Coast Fisher Wife's Prayer" was featured in world renowned Blues, Folk and World beat magazine, Penguin Eggs. In 2008, she recorded Fathomless Tales from Leviathan's Hole, an album that earned her a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award nomination for Best Folk Acoustic Album. From this album, "The Manicure" was selected by Musicians for a Cause to be included in their double CD set, "More Life in the Years". The proceeds from this album went toward continued research toward finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. Her song was selected out of over 350,000 entries world wide. In 2011, she released her third album "Dreams of the Washerwomen. This album was selected by Radio Canada's International sector as a "Best New Recording" by a Canadian Artist, and earned her a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Folk Acoustic Album. Phyllis' has toured the UK, Australia and Canada. A seasoned performer, story-teller, and speaker, Phyllis Sinclair continues to write songs rich in passion and experience. ◊



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“Phyllis Sinclair’s show was a treasure. We had never heard her in a complete concert before, and were blown away as we came to realized the depth of her talent and the strength of her professionalism.”

                                         Peter Opryshko ,
                                         Heartwood Folk Club, Athabasca, AB

Phyllis Sinclair is one of those singers whose life, stories and musicality are perfectly blended - her art is her life, and it shows. You can feel her reality and are uplifted by it through her remarkable voice and songs."
                                    Tom Shoebridge,                                
                                          McDonald's Corners, ON

"Phyllis had our audience absolutely enthralled with her stories and wonderful stage presence, intelligent commentary, catchy melodies and engaging lyrics. She has made quite a few new fans in Montreal and we hope she comes back this way again."
                                         Isabelle Delage, The Side Door,        
                                         Montreal, QC

“Many have subsequently remarked on what an amazing voice you have - such control, such range - with song writing and storytelling skills to match.”
                                         The Gallery House Concert Society,  
                                         Calgary, AB

“I heard Phyllis at Lathones near St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. Phyllis was a revelation to me. I am now a fan.    
                                          Patrick Marks,
                                          St. Andrews, Scotland  

"How moved I am by your music. I 'm happy to bring your music to a wider audience, and know that our listeners here and around the world will have their lives enriched by your wonderful gift."
                                                         Brenda Silk
                                                         Radio Newfoundland,
                                                         St. John's, NL

"Sinclair is a perceptive and compassionate observer, using single events - some small, some catastrophic - to reveal the essence of entire lifetimes."

Ron Chalmers ,
                                                             Legacy Magazine







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